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Anyone else have serious issues with updating images in the library?

Question asked by 211bf31dfeef8f0c8f65d7fbb9cd342393742cb7 on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by 211bf31dfeef8f0c8f65d7fbb9cd342393742cb7
So totally frustrating, and I've been trying to work around this since we started using Marketo. Every time I want to sub out or swap an image in the library/landing page, it NEVER SHOWS UP correctly on the pages.  Even the preview in the library looks wrong, but when I am in the landing page editor and try to swap image, the correct image shows in THAT preview window - but then I still see the OLD image on the page!  I have tried different screen refreshes, and sometimes it works and other times not.  I gave up trying to "replace" the image in the library, so then started deleting the original file and uploading the new file (named exactly the same).  This isn't working either. It's still remembering the old image.
I've tried viewing in both IE adn CHROME. Neither works. It's like trying to work blindly and waiting until it decides to "kick in."  Anyone experience this, or found a solution??