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    Refer A Friend Campaign


      I would like to set up a campaign for refering a friend to sign up for one of our webinars or events. I have set up a campaign to track the click link i used in the email "forward" to a friend, but i don't think it's a strong way of accessing the info i need to see who actually is referring people.

      also, i would like the people who refer to see if there friend actually signed up as well.

      does anyone know a better way of doing this?
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          Conor Fitzpatrick

          How about this:

          •           The Forward to a Friend link redirects to a landing page with a form where they enter their friend's email address
          •           You have campaign set to fire an email inviting the friend to the event
          •           Within this email you have a link to a sign up page for your event that is unique to refer a friend program

          A person could only invite one friend at a time, but at least you could get better tracking.

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            Josh Hill
            Why wouldn't you use the Marketo system token for this?

            {{system.forward to friend}}

            You can also setup something custom as Conor suggests. I have a client who wants the email to contain the referring person's info so the referee is able to see why they are getting this.
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              Conor Fitzpatrick
              I didn't know that token existed - good stuff, thanks Josh! Would you also mind describing how your client populated the referring info? That's a great idea and I bet helps conversion.