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    Webinars - Links and Landing Pages

    Tom Kerlin

      Hi everyone,


      We're in the process of building out our webinar programs in Marketo and we're syncing with GoToWebinar.  I have some questions (please see below).  I appreciate your help!


      1. How should we link the cancel your registration link on our confirmation registration email?  Can it link back to GoToWebinar?  How does that look in Marketo (another form and Landing Page with additional child campaign built out)?
      2. There is a Join the Webinar link on the Thank You Landing Page in case somebody registers last minute and wants to join from the landing page, but wasn’t sure what URL
        to use. I thought maybe use a the token: {{member.webinar url}}?
      3. For follow up emails, there are links to slide decks and to the recorded presentation.  These can be embedded on the company website but should we build out separate landing pages to take advantage of Marketo reporting? What is normally built out on such a page? (Title/video/description) and (Title/slide deck/description)


      Thanks! Tom