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Setting up first webinar

Question asked by abcc359f893e790128313fd22929dd673180cb50 on Dec 7, 2015
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We are running our second webinar in our series in January, and I am trying to create the program in Marketo. I am a newbie and have no experience with the Event program type.


I have set up WebEx as a Launchpartner. We are using WebEx landing pages for registration, and after some reading on the docs site, and I am beginning to think we will not be able to automate our email campaigns for each webinar unless we are using Marketo forms - is this correct? I can't seem to figure out how to set up the right Flows to trigger 'Registered', 'Attended' etc.


I am also trying to find just some very basic how to set up a webinar and best practices type info. Most of the documentation I've come across is still a little advanced for me, so any thing anyone can contribute would be much appreciated.