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    Setting up google tracking on a marketo Landing Page

    Jamie Lewis

      Hi all:


      Have you placed a google tracking code on a Marketo Landing Page?  If I want to roll up data from my Marketo Landing Pages in GA do I need any special code?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Jamie,


          No, just use the same one. Universal Analytics works perfectly fine. You should usually set it up directly in the template, so that you don't have to bother later on with it. We do not recommend to have a distinct property for Marketo LP's than from your main web site : Marketo LP's should be seen as an extension of your web site.


          Pay attention is you are using Marketo LP's in more than 1 domain. It's likely that in this case, the GA tracking code should be the different from one domain to another. In this case, 3 solutions :

          • Moving to Google Tag Manager,
          • Having different templates for each domain (an easy one if anyway your various domains relate to various languages, so you would need one template per domain and per language
          • Using a Marketo LP Variable to store the GA code (under the form "UA-99999999-9") and have a generic template.



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