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    Adding Field Values for Total Lead Score.

      Hi All,


      I created two custom fields of Type:Score . First, Behaviour Score and second, Role Score.

      Based on a lead's role and behaviour , I have flows that update these two scoring fields separately.


      Could you guys help me out , if Lead Scoring based on addition of Behaviour Score and Role Score is possible,i.e., something like Lead Score = Behaviour Score + Role Score ?

      This way, the separate scorings can be tracked and alongside the total score will also be taken care of.


      Awaiting your guidance.


      Thanks !

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          Diederik Martens

          You can't calculate with field values unfortunately. There are some work arounds:


          1. Your custom score fields originate from Salesforce. In salesforce you can have a formula field, which combines both.

          2. You use the API for some customization script, which do the trick.

          3. You use the service I created, called CalcItNow, but I just took it offline this weekend ;-) I'm thinking about selling it. In the tool you can configure formulas, you then get a code to put into a webhook in Marketo. Putting the sum of two fields into another field is pretty much the easiest formula to set up. If anyone is interest in this tool please email me on info@diederikmartens.com.

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            Josh Hill

            There is no math in Marketo in this case. Instead, do this in the Flow:


            Smart List: Trigger is X


            Change Score: Behavior Score +5

            Change Score: Lead Score +5


            Resetting Behavior:


            Change Score: Behavior Score =0

            Change Score: Lead Score = {{lead.Demographic Score}} (although I find Change Data Value works better here)

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              Grégoire Michel

              We had this issue a while ago with an instance that is not connected to CRM and not the possibility whatsoever to use a webhook. This is how we did it:


              The goal was to compute Total score = Behavior + Demographic

              We new the demographic score was limited to a maximum of 40, while the behavior score could climb much higher. So we created a smart campaign that looks like this :


              1. Flow step 1 : Total score = {{Lead.behavior score}}
              2. Flow step 2 : 40 choices :
                1. if demographic score = 40 then Total score = +40
                2. if demographic score = 39 then Total score = +39
                3. if demographic score = 38 then Total score = +38
                4. ...
                5. if demographic score = 2 then Total score = +2
                6. if demographic score = 1 then Total score = +1


              Not very elegant, takes some patience, I agree but it works.


              The hard point is to avoid this flow to be called at each flow step when recomputing the demographic score, which is a multi-step computation. So this smart campaign trigger has 2 triggers :

              • behavior score is changed
              • Campaign is requested


              And the demographic score campaign calls it only when it's complete.



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                Alok Ramsisaria

                You can do this using a webhook OR a complicated smart campaign. Reach out at alok@grazitti.com and we can discuss.