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    Adwords / Facebook Conversion Tracking Without Thank You Page



      Our designers have come up with the following landing page: What We Do | Marketing Solutions


      If you click on contact us, you have a slide in panel with an embedded Marketo form, which uses an onSuccess handler to stay on the same page and load additional content after the user submits the form.


      Since there is no thank you page, I was wondering how to implement Adwords and Facebook conversion tracking. The onSuccess handler currently implemented looks like this:


        MktoForms2.whenReady(function (form){
        //Add an onSuccess handler
        form.onSuccess(function(values, followUpUrl){
        //get the form's jQuery element and hide it
        document.getElementById('confirmform').style.display= 'block';
        document.getElementById('FormINT').style.display= 'none';
        //return false to prevent the submission handler from taking the lead to the follow up url.
        return false;


      I was thinking of implementeing it this way: Asynchronous AdWords Remarketing Tag  |  AdWords Remarketing Tag  |  Google Developers  but not sure where to put it, or what the syntax would look like.