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Deleted lead receiving emails

Question asked by Claire MARBACH on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by John Clark

Hello Marketo Community,


I noticed something very strange with one of the leads in the campaign I'm currently running.

This is a "default" program including three emails, one sent every week. Each email is sent via a different workflow and I only schedule the workflows a few days before sending.


I sent the first email to the database. I got an automatic reply from one of the recipients saying that the email address is no longer active and the person has left the company. I then deleted the lead from my Marketo database entirely.


The campaign carried on, I scheduled the next workflow and the emails were sent. This is where something unexpected happened: I'm still receiving the same automatic reply from this email address. I checked and the lead is still not in my database.


My questions are :

1. How can this be happening? How come that a deleted lead can receive my Marketo emails?

2. How do we prevent this?


Thank a lot for your help.