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    Attending Marketo Summit Twice

    Lucho Soto

      I attended Marketo Summit last year. I had an amazing experience and learned a lot of things I applied to my job.


      I'm considering attending Summit 2016 and would like to hear from people who have attended Summit more than once:


      Are the session topics significantly different from the previous year?

      Were the benefits to your job as high as the first time(s) you attended?


      Any comments are appreciated!

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          Jason Hamilton

          Hi Lucho,

          I was in your shoes last year as it was my second time, and was not sure if I would get the same ROI on the trip.

          It did not dissappoint!

          There was a very small overlap I found in content, and being that I had an extra year of use, most of the sessions I attended the previous year I would not find as interesting the second year as I had advanced so much.

          Networking was a big bonus the second time around as I felt more comfortable talking to the faces I had seen the year before.


          This year they have added an extra day and it is in Vegas, so I would absolutely considering going again!

          I registered the first week it was available.



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            I find that this industry and the software change so much in one year that you can actually fall behind if you miss out. Last year, I scheduled my maternity leave so that I was back at work in time to attend Summit.


            Also, I'm not sure you if are responsible for additional marketing technology, but I find the marketplace of vendors (while overwhelming) one of the best ways to look for new solutions and get through those "discovery" conversations in one place. This alone can save me hours of vetting vendors for budgeting purposes.


            Plus, on a personal note, I find that these events are so encouraging of what we do that I go back to the office completely revitalized

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              Lucho Soto

              Jason Hamilton and Emily Dick thanks so much for your feedback! Doesn't look like it's in the budget this year but I'll keep my fingers crossed in case anything changes.