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    Using Advanced Filters

      Hi All,


      I am using 3 filters in my smart list rule for a smart campaign.


      I want a combination of both AND and OR for the rule logic and hence I am entering the Advanced Rule Logic as "1 and (2 or 3)" [PS - There is no red coloured underlining that shows error for this rule logic]. However, on shifting the tab to Schedule, it shows 'Saving Smart Campaign' and never ever proceeds, it gets stuck there for eternity.


      Can you guys help me out with it, as to what might be the possible issue ?


      Thanks !



      -Prabash Rath

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          Frank Breen

          I always try and have my or's first, (1 or 2) and 3. Marketo works best this way, if your Campaign members are crashing, I suggest that you put your blocking list first, then your other criteria, i.e. if you're email an SFDC list and Country from your global database, normally it would look like:


          1. Global List


          2. SFDC list


          3. Country


          This puts strain on the search, it's best to do this:


          1. SFDC list


          2. Country


          3. Global List


          This way Marketo is already blocking people before going to the Global list.

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            Josh Hill

            Which filters are you using?


            Behavioral or NOT filters may have to sift through a lot of data. As Frank noted, even the order of execution can slow down Marketo. Think hard about whom you really want in this list.

            Also, SLOW down your clicks. the "Saving..." dialog usually appears when you go too fast and don't click in a gray area to let it save before executing.