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Two Data Value Changes in Smart List Rule

Question asked by 335fca40c61f2cd9fb9099643328d8544027e08c on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2015 by Grégoire Michel

Hi All,


We have a scenario wherein an email needs to be sent out to leads only if both, their Last Names and their Company Names values change.


To achieve this, I created a smart campaign. Set two Data Value Changes Trigger Filter :


First : Data Value Changes with Attribute - Last Name

Second : Data Value Changes with Attribute - Company Name


I also have the filtering mode set to - Use ALL Filters.


However, while testing ; it seems leads receive email even when only the Last Names change and not when both of them happen together.


Could you guys help me out with what am I doing wrong here? What will be right Smart List rule to set up in such a scenario to achieve the desired result ?


Thank You all !


Prabash Rath.