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using custom objects details as email tokens

Question asked by Vlada Prasolova on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by 15142a9527862a8049b3391154c47bd9d731620c

we are really exited with marketo custom objects b/c i will enable us to re-structure our database in a more efficient way

however, i came to an issue that might arise that i'm currently unable to solve

can custom objects details be reffered to as tokens in an email template?

for example, i have a custom object for licence track

licence track.PNG

and i want to include a # of outdated licenses that person has in an email


John, you have {} outdated licenses.

in an old model i'd use this field as token {{lead.ALL Outdated Licenses:default=edit me}} which worked perfectly

but as i see custom objects do not work in this way


is there a workaround to this?