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    What's the use of mkt_tok in emails?

    Idan Zioni

      I track all our emails with UTM parameters and the regular marketo tracking. what's the use of mkt_tok?

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          Priyank Joshi

          Hi Idan,


          mkt_tok parameter is used as the querysytring so that lead could be tracked against Marketo email link. If you notice you have the same parameter in your Global unsubscribe message under your admin tab, which defines lead has unsubscribed from your email, same way Marketo tracks if lead has clicked link in an email.




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              Sanford Whiteman

              This is not strictly accurate.  The click on the email will be tracked by the branding (click tracking) server regardless of whether the mkt_tok exists.  In fact, the click is tracked before the mkt_tok is appended to the URL, and even if the user never reaches your web server with the mkt_tok (for example, if they have JS disabled) their link click is still registered.


              What the mkt_tok is vital for is tracking the subsequent web session activities for the lead. It's a subtle distinction but you should think of the mkt_tok is being the bridge to the realm of Munchkin.  It is also not always present -- links with the special class mktNoTok will not be mkt_tok-enized, which can be important in some technical cases -- but web tracking is severely hampered without it.

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                  Grégoire Michel

                  Hi Sanford,


                  I gather, that If there is no mkt_tok variable but there is a Marketo cookie on the browser, the web tracking will work correctly, but might be attached to another (potentially anonymous) lead. So this really important for leads that have NEVER filled out any form on your web site. Is this correct ?


                  Also, it the mkt_tok is present on the link but the cookie on the browser links to a different lead that the one the email was sent, to which will Marketo attach the web session ?