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    SFDC Custom Opportunity not showing

      Hi all


      We made a Account custom object. unfortunately it is not showing up in SFDC.

      I thought the custom object will show up in the Account field. where does the Custom Opportunity show up?.


      I have given permission to show the specific field and I see triggers and filters but I don`t see the field showing up not the info that was updated in SFDC,

      What else is there?




        • Re: SFDC Custom Opportunity not showing
          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Tomoe,


          You need to sync and activate this SFDC custom object with Marketo.

          • Go to admin -> Salesforce
          • Click disable sync (you have to temporarily disable the sync to refresh the schema)
          • Go to Admin -> Salesforce Object Sync
          • Click the refresh schema. Your new custom object will appear on the right when it's done.
          • Drag and drop this "customopportunity4marketo" object to the center pane
          • Click the "Enable Sync" button to start
          • Clcik the "edit visible fields" button at the top
          • Choose the fields you want to get as triggers and as filter constraints
          • Go to admin -> Salesforce
          • Click enable sync