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SMS Short Code Provider Recommendation? For Podcasting

Question asked by eeb2e986ab67d45f7d2d2c0bc97662d271f33ea3 on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Josh Hill

I produce a podcast and want to use SMS short codes so listeners can opt-in to receive links to special offers (i.e., in our calls to action, we want to be able to say, "Text 'GUIDE' to 33444 to receive our free guide"). We want the SMS provider to be able to sync with Marketo so that we can add them to our email marketing funnel.


Anybody have a good SMS provider they can recommend? I've look into a lot of options, but received conflicting information about the extent to which they integrate with Marketo. Does the provider matter since I can probably connect to their API using webhooks?


The providers I found that are definitely Marketo-integrated (tatango, Leaddigits) are a bit outside my price range ($199 per month). I'd prefer something in the sub $50 per month range.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.