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    Added to List Trigger Not Firing

      Hi everyone,


      I am currently in the process of setting up our Marketo instance and am having trouble with the "added to list" trigger and also the "added to list" constraint under "lead is created."


      Here's what I want to have happen: Leads come to an unbounce landing page and submit their information to download an ebook. Their information then gets added to a static list. I then want to create a smart list with the trigger "added to list" so that I can send them an email flow. For whatever reason, it's not working in either of these two scenarios:



      However, the "lead is created" trigger worked when only using lead source. This leads me to believe there's something going on with my list or the added to list functionality. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas on how to make this work would be great. Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Julie Colwell

          Hi Alison,

          Did you create a smart list or list to capture the leads who filled out the form?


          If you want to create a static list, you will first need to create a smart campaign and change the Smart list to say "Fills out Form [INSERT FORM NAME] and add any constraints" and in the flow select "Add to List [LIST NAME]".


          From there you can create a trigger email using the second option that you showed above - "Added to List [LIST NAME]".


          I wouldn't do the "Lead is Created" Trigger unless you only want to send an email to new leads.


          Hope that helps!



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            Hi Alison,


            I believe that using Lead is Created with the "list name" filter will only apply in cases when the lead is imported via upload to that list. So if you're exporting a .csv from unbounce on a regular basis and uploading it to your list "Asset Download Program.5 practical habits static list" then it should work fine, but if leads are being sent into Marketo using an API, webhook, or other type of integration, that may be why you were having issues (which would also explain why using only the "lead source" value works for you). As Julie pointed out above, this smart campaign filter would still only send the email flow to newly created leads, not those who existed in your database prior to filling out your Unbounce form.


            When you are trying this with the "added to list" trigger, are you testing using leads that are already members of the list? Or with a test email address? And do you see a log item in the "Results" tab of your smart campaign indicating whether the send email flow step was skipped, failed, etc? That information might help us figure out what's going on.

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              Alok Ramsisaria

              If you are using Unbounce, each of the LPs created has an Unbounce ID. This ID is stored in Marketo as well. You may want to try this trigger: Data Value Changed -- Unbounce Page ID = xxxxxxxx [the Unbounce Page ID where the form is hosted]

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