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Blog Subscription Salesforce Sync

Question asked by 03f232ec2ca8fa5f4a52eecc1b1c7494e0340f8f on Nov 20, 2015
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My company is looking to set up a subscription system for our blog. I'm aware of tools like Digesto that help automate the integration of the RSS feed and email delivery, but have questions regarding syncing these people who fill out the subscription form to Salesforce.


Here is what we are looking to accomplish:


1) Have only one field for the blog subscription form: email address.

2) If that email address matches that of an existing lead in our database, update this activity in a Blog Subscription marketing campaign we create.

3) If that email address is new, restrict this new Marketo lead record from syncing to Salesforce (we can't have/don't want incomplete lead records in SFDC).

4) After an unknown blog lead provides us more information (through another form, etc.), THEN update that lead record and sync it to Salesforce to be worked.


Is this possible? We have Marketo set up to sync globally to Salesforce.