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Uploaded Static List With Accidental Empty Fields

Question asked by 9d286d6b9112d1223f9db15fda3fbae90cbf77fb on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by John Clark

Earlier this week I uploaded a large list. Aside from email address, columns in the list included Revenue and Number of Employee fields. This was an effort to append our database with updated demographic information. What I did not realize is that a good portion of the contacts in the list had nothing in those fields. My question is as follows:


If I upload a list and one of the fields I upload is empty (not "NULL", but completely blank), will that overwrite data that may have already been in Marketo? If a contact did have something in the "Annual Revenue" field, and in the file I uploaded, that same contact had an empty field, would that empty value overwrite the pre-existing data? My hope is that data will only be overwritten in a list upload if the field said "NULL".