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    Standardizing Industries

    Veronica Covdy


      I was wondering if there is a way to standardize industries to a set list so that every time you upload new leads, the account is mapped to the standardized industry list? This would make a big difference when standardizing accounts.

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          Jamie Lewis



          You might be able to do this with a smart campaign.  For example, all leads from a specific list have industry value set to X, all leads from another list have industry set to Y etc...


          Just a thought

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            John Clark

            Hi Veronica,


            There isn't currently a way to restrict the values that would be accepted for a field in Marketo.  This can be done in Salesforce using a picklist though.


            Otherwise, if you're trying to standardize everything currently in your database, then Jamie's suggestion would be easiest.  Put together a smart list of leads with all variations on a single industry, and then change them all to the same thing.



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              Grégoire Michel

              Hi Veronica,


              Building on top of the previous answers, not only you can do it to cleanse you existing data, but you should also permanently set some triggered campaign that will do realtime cleansing.


              You should also create a lead performance report, grouped by industry (in the report setup) to help spot undesirable values. So from times to times, you examine this report and if you detect a incorrect value that is not handled by your permanent trigger campaign you correct the campaign.


              In fact, a data management program is made of 4 components:

              1. A lead performance report, grouped by industries. It will help you detect the invalid values. You can event filter out correct values
              2. A smart list that gives the list of leads with an incorrect industry value. Filter on the industry field, with all the incorrect values
              3. A triggered smart campaign that fixes incorrect values, which smart list includes 3 triggers and 1 filter :
                • trigger lead is created
                • trigger data value changes, industry field
                • trigger campaign is requested (so that you can invoke it from another campaign. See below)
                • Filter : member of smart list, List of incorrect industry from step 2 above
                • Flow step : change data value, with choices to correct each invalid value
              4. A batch campaign, than you can run from times to times, when you detect new invalid values.
                • filter : member of list of incorrect values
                • flow step : request campaign, the smart campaign from step 3 (should be activated so that it can be invoked)


              The trigger campaign will permanently fix data. When you detect a new invalid value (using the report), you correct the trigger campaign flow steps, you correct the smart list from step 2 and then you run the batch.



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