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In need of an Interactive Solution

Question asked by 984db947116dc71becd8d9a9d21469bfca4b2659 on Nov 18, 2015
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The problem:

We have a monthly real estate report with 16 market areas for single family homes, and 16 market areas for condos. We distribute this report through a printed pdf report, video into a monthly email update (sample linked). The problem we saw was that the printed report that was downloadable, wasn't actionable because the information is static thus making our click through rates go down. So instead we're trying out Which at least alleviates the need to cram all the neighborhoods into a 8x11" canvas and would drive traffic to our site.


Where we would like to be:

If in their lead record, there is a neighborhood that they're interested in or based on website activity only show the interested neighborhood's stats for that month



Anyone have any suggestions on an interactive solution for this? is along the lines of the direction we would like to go but not a lot of customization. I'm not sure if it would be a mix of an interactive quiz and once they answer a set number of questions the stats for the selected neighborhood will pop up.


Ideally I want something that will be able to integrate with Marketo and our CRM. I took a look at the partners Marketo offers but I'm wondering if anyone has faced a similar or the same problem and how did you handle it?