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SFDC Sync Error - Failed: retrieveLargeSObjects

Question asked by a7dc4afa7e45f31d5b409d03a6a575400d22794e on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by a7dc4afa7e45f31d5b409d03a6a575400d22794e
What does this error mean?

Failed: retrieveLargeSObjects 00Q8000001Lj4C0EAJ from sfdc

I have a Sync Lead to SFDC event in my campaign flow and the activity log shows this as the exceptionmessage for the detail of that event.

The lead DOES get created as expected in SFDC BUT you cannot see the detail of that sync in the Marketo activity log for that event and instead get an error that looks like above.