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    MktEditable vs MktoText

    Sally Dickson

      I am trying to create new Landing Pages Templates  in Marketo with Editable elements.


      I am having problems understanding the difference between the different classes of content:  MktEditable and MKtoText


      I have looked through the help pages and cannot find a list of Marketo classes, for elements and/or how to use them.


      Can anyone send me details of any articles, ebooks or downloads that might be helpful?


      Is there a webinar which shows how the Editable elements are supposed to work?





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          Mel Dadoly

          Hi Sally,


          The "mktEditable" class allows for the property sheet values of that element to be changed in the landing page editor. This can be used for non-guided landing page templates as well.


          'mktoText' is specifically for guided landing page templates. This creates a text variable that can be changed from landing page to landing page. You might find this document helpful:

          Create a Guided Landing Page Template - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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              Sally Dickson

              Hi Mel,


              Thanks for this. I have to say the documentation on Guided landing pages is very thin. I have a row element which is creating a row about 120px high, and I need to reduce it to 60 px, and I am struggling to find the css code or similar.


              So at the top of one of the guided pages I have these lines:

              <div id="logo" background="#fff701">

                        <div id="logo2">

                      <div class="row nopadding">

                     <div class="mktoImg alignleft" id="logoImage" mktoName="logoImage">

                <div class="row">

                <a href="http://www.qinetiq.com">

                      <img src="http://eu-e.marketo.com/rs/025-CXE-092/images/toplogo.gif" width="140" height="48" alt="QinetiQ" style="border:0;"></a>


              One of the 'class' elements is setting the height of the row, and I can't figure out which one.


              In another part of the guided landing page I have:


              <div id="is">

                  <div class="container">

                  <div class="row">


                            <div class="mktoImg col-lg-6 col-md-6 centered" id="primaryImage" mktoName="Primary Image" style="min-height:100%;" mktoImgClass="expandToFit" style="Padding_bottom:20">

                              <img class="lpimg expandToFit" src="http://Events.qinetiq.com/rs/025-CXE-092/images/SNG%20-%20exhibitors%20photo%207-400-300.jpg" id="ext4-ext-gen1428"></div>

                   <div class="mktoText" id="primaryBodyHeader" mktoName="Primary Header">

                                  <h1> This is an International Event</h1>


              What does 'mktoImg-col-lg-6 col-md-6 centered' mean? How do I change it, what are the options? Anyone?


              This is what I meant by are there any reference documents of lists to refer to?


              Thanks for any help.



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                  Grégoire Michel

                  Hi Sally,


                  The code seems ill designed. you should not have some <div> inside a <div class="mktoImg...  (the logo section)


                  it is possible to download Guide LP templates from Marketo web site that you can use as a reference.


                  With regards to changing CSS properties, this should be done by you web designer.



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                Justin Cooperman

                "mktEditable" has no use in a Guided landing page. It is only applicable within Free-form landing pages (to do what Mel mentioned) or in Email Templates (to define which sections should be editable).

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