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    Unsubscribed Lead

           We have this case where a lead has unsubscribed several times yet emails are still being sent through. The unsubscribe link and form is working fine and there are no duplicates in the system for this lead. I've raised a ticket for this yet it appears this question has popped up a few times on the community. Please advise
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          Alok Ramsisaria
          Hi Nick,

          Is there a chance that your emails are operational? That's the only way an email can be sent to someone who has unsubscribed.

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            Have you verified that the lead is set unsubscribed correctly? I have seen some customers mistakenly set up campaigns that remove the unsubscribe status for various reasons, so it's possible that they are being automatically resubscribed. Check the activity log for this lead.

            Failing that, you might want to check the box for "blacklisted" on the lead info page of the lead record. This is a status that prevents someone from receiving even operational mail from your system.
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              Hi Alok, Autumn

              Thanks for your replies. The emails are not operational and the unsubscribe fields are set up fine and the lead has not resubscribed. In this case we dont have the lead's full name, could that be an issue?


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                Hello Nick,

                The full name is not necessary for sending email. To get to the bottom of this, you might want to contact Marketo Support.