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    Salesforce and Sales Insights Email Add-in Creates Duplicates

      If you've been using both Marketo and Salesforce for a long enough time, you'll realize that the sync between the two doesn't occur in real time.

      Here's the constant issue I'm running into:

      - Salesperson finds a lead through prospecting
      - Salesperson creates a lead in Salesforce
      - Salesperson sends an email through outlook using the Marketo email add-in
      - Once the add-in is used Marketo looks for an existing lead in Salesforce to sync
      - Marketo finds no lead in Salesforce so it creates a brand-new lead
      - Marketo and Salesforce sync finally catches up, and now there are 2 leads with the same email address

      In meetings, I've advised the sales team to wait at least 5 minutes to send the email after creating the lead. If you've worked with sales people, you know that's not really going to happen.

      There has to be a better solution. I get duplicates daily solely because of this sync lag

      Than you,

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          Hi Ben-
          If you are willing to be radical, you could stop your sales team from prospecting and not allow them to create any new records in SFDC.  That way if they use the Outlook plug-in, it will first originate in MKTO, sync to SFDC and then they can have a single record.

          But yes, your problem is felt by probably many - perhaps a weekly or daily process to look for dupes using the dupe criteria can help minimize the impact.

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            Hi Ben,

            Tricky one. If the sales team were willing to send the email 1st before creating the lead in SFDC manually then then this could happen:
            1.Send email and track with plugin
            2. Lead is created in Marketo
            3.Trigger campaign in Marketo so that when lead is created (source type = sales email) flow action sync lead to SFDC
            4. Lead is created instantly in SFDC

            The downside is that the lead will be created with last name as mktUnknown so they would then need to edit the record in SFDC.

            The only alternative I can think of is that you give them a basic non-tracked form to post then steps 2-4 would be the same as the above.