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How to set up Lead Partitions

Question asked by 29640c9a4270e977290def145220e02b36b6a650 on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by Josh Hill

We have several Lead Partitions and each Lead Partition has only one Workspace.


We have an assignment rule in the Default Lead Partition to push the Leads to the correct partition based on a field we called "Workspace Name".



When we try to import a Lead to PartitionA but it already exists in PartitionB we get an error message:

"Lead exists in another lead partition in your Marketo account - contact your Marketo admin."


This is somewhat acceptable as there is no assignment rule on PartitionA but would expect the system to automatically create new Leads in the desired partition.



When we import a Lead to the Default partition and the Lead already exists in PartitionB the Lead in PartitionB gets updated (with the incorrect values) instead of creating a new Lead in PartitionA based on the assignment rules. This is obviously a serious problem.



Load the Leads into the desired partition by sending the email addresses to a Temp field than do a data value change to update the email addresses.


Any suggestion how to fix the issue?

Do assignment do not work for manual imports?