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Adding Custom HTML to Guided Templates

Question asked by ジョナサン 池上 on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by ジョナサン 池上

For a lot of our pages we're now using Guided Templates because it allows for a responsive design, but I've come across an issue with adding custom HTML.  With the free-form templates we had a tool for adding custom HTML, but my understanding is that this no longer exists in guided templates.  (The available editable elements are image, form, text, video, share button, poll, referral, sweepstake and snippet.)  This poses a unique problem when trying to add a custom conversion tag to a specific page.  We can't add the conversion code to the template itself because it is intended for a specific page, whereas templates are typically intended to be used with multiple pages, hence the name template.  However, if we try to use the rich text editor and switch over to HTML mode to add code, it strips out all <script> tags and replaces them with <mce:script>, quite effectively killing anything within the tags. 



Am I completely missing something here, is there a funky work-around, or am I just out of luck and need to choose either a Responsive Design or a Conversion Code?