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Add to SFDC campaign flow from "Clicked Link on Webpage"

Question asked by a150aa354022326811be183ee4ea9d4ff86b76e6 on Nov 13, 2015
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I am trying to track the number of downloads we have on our website and will be using the SFDC campaigns to track this. However, I am having troubles with the flow working correctly.


All of our download links have the same URL but the querystring contains the file ID number associated to the document downloaded. The smartlist works great and is able to track the action. However, the flow step is not working correctly. When I try to break it out by the file ID number, the action is skipped.






What I see in results:


Help? What I am doing wrong? If I do not group several documents in one, then I will have to create nearly 400 smart campaigns to track these downloads! eeek. I don't think my fingers or patience could handle that.