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    How do we show specific images to specific leads within an email?

    Sam Lee

      Hello all!


      We (Celena Price and I) are new to the area of personalization in emails and we currently do not have a CRM integration with Marketo.


      Here is what we'd like to do:


      We have 27 Sales reps.  Each lead has a rep's name attached to it via a custom field (WAMNAME).


      We need to be able to send emails to those leads that will have a picture of the correct rep for that specific lead. We have thousands of leads. It would be like using an image as a token.


      We are not sure about the best way to accomplish this and have been reading about dynamic content, snippets, segmentations, etc. with hesitantcy to move forward without a "best course of action".


      Thanks in advance for any insights!


      Samantha Lee