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'Invisible space' behind link in an email

Question asked by 8c22d752cbb0fa8a2097aaf4df86d5b39eddaf2c on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by 8c22d752cbb0fa8a2097aaf4df86d5b39eddaf2c

Hello there,


Recently, we had an issue with a campaign link that apparently had an 'invisible space' behind it.

In Marketo itself, the link works perfectly fine and redirects you to the correct page. However, when sending the actual email out, Marketo all of a sudden puts something like '%20' behind the link (because apparently there is a space at the end of the web link).

Of course, one can say that you always should send test sample emails to yourself (and I'm pretty sure we did that and didn't encounter an issue, but we could be wrong).


Has anybody else had this issue? We double double check our links nowadays. However, to make it even better/ easier, isn't it possible that Marketo automatically will give you an 'error message' when this invisible space occurs so we know that we should double check the link? This would be extremely helpful!