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    Options for tracking behavioral lead score

      Hey everyone,


      Currently, we rely on 'visited page' trigger and a series of interstitial download pages to apply behavioral lead scoring points for downloading content from our site. I've run into an issue where it only seems to properly execute some of the time, so I'm taking it as an opportunity to see how others have done this. I'd like to keep it as a global scoring system as much as possible, but I'm curious what triggers you're using to apply behavioral lead score points.



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          Dory Viscogliosi

          Hey Trask, are you using Marketo forms for downloading content from your site? Or is it ungated content? If it's behind a Marketo form then you can use the trigger of "fills out form" which is very reliable. For ungated content you are probably best off using a visited page trigger. Unless you have a very consistent naming system in place, then it is somewhat challenging to make a global system that you don't need to maintain with new downloads, but it's definitely possible. Consistency is key for your website, and also Marketo instance to try to keep it all straight!