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    Looking for 5 Marketo Experts to Work with Google on Marketing Automation (Also other roles see below)

      Hello Friends,


      We pretty much are hiring across the board for Marketing Automation Roles for our Consultancy.  Specifically we want to continue to grow our production team.  If you are a Marketo Production Specialist and want to join a growing team to support Google in their Marketing Automation Efforts.  I would love to hear from you.  Please email me directly at Maneeza@MarvelMarketers.com.   Also hiring for the following roles:


      1.  5 Marketo Production Specialist - Onsite ( at Google) -   and Remote positions for other clients.

      2.  Onsite Project Delivery Manager - Google Mountain View

      3.  2 Sr. Enterprise Marketo Consultant -  Other clients + Google

      4. Marketing Data Analyst (Know SFDC and MKTO)


      Please see summary of jobs on our website:  www.Marvelmarketers.com.  We are 25 FTE strong and a growing number of subcontractors.  Our business is 100% referral based . . . Our team is amazing ... just ask anyone ... so please be amazing as well


      Looking forward to the following:


      1.  Apply online

      2.  Email me if you want to fast track

      3.  Please be able to work in the states!




      P.S.  $1000 referral bonus! . .  Just be sure you submit the referral for a willing applicant.


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