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    MSI Link Reporting

    Josh Hampleman

      Is there a way to get better link reporting on MSI emails other than individually making a smart list for each of the links?

      I also had some issues when I added the link as a constraint to the Clicked Link in Sales Email filter (had to rely on IM description for some numbers).


      Thank you

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          Grant Booth

          Hi Josh,

          I don't think there's a better way to do it than a smart list. The challenge is that MSI emails can be individually customized by the sales rep, and often are - so even though the template used may be the same, the actual email content is often different. I believe that's part of why there's not a separate Sales Insight Email Link performance report like there is for regular Marketo emails. If the content you're sending is identical to each recipient, it may make more sense to create a campaign with the trigger "Campaign is Requested; Source: Sales Insight" and then have the Sales Rep request that campaign instead.


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