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    Leads in Engagement program that were never added to it.

    Grégoire Michel

      Hi all,


      Maxime Wynsberghe and I have observed a very weird behavior today : an engagement program that had been built  months ago for internal training purpose suddenly has started to send a cast to about 2000 people. The issue is that the email were absolutely not intended to be sent (ugly, full of false Latin text...) and the 2000 people are real leads.


      The problem is: these people have never been added to the Engagement program. The "Was added to engagement program" smart list only shows the small set to 8 people who were added to the EP during the training, while the activity log of the 2000 other people show the EP cast, but absolutely NO "added to engagement program" activity.


      We have of course opened a support ticket.


      But just a warning : never let an engagement program active with some cast schedule if it has no purpose.


      Has any one already experienced such an issue ?