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    How does Marketo know if someone attended my live webinar?

      Hello - I have been testing my WebEx integration and 2 things are confusing me:


      1)  Where does the {{member.webinar URL}} token pull data from? When I was testing my program, the field never populated and I am not sure where to go to populate it.


      2) How does WebEx communicate to Marketo that someone who registered for my event also attended (or did not attend) my event? I built a test program, sent myself an invitation, filled out my registration form on my Marketo LP and then after providing the WebEx link in the confirmation email (because the token wasn't retrieving info), I joined the event, and closed it.

      • So far the only work around I have is once they close the live webinar screen, they are redirected to a "Thank you" LP on Marketo in which I created a trigger campaign where once they land on that unique Thank you page specific to this program, then they are marked as "Attended"


      My integration is there... I have the Webinar logged in via the Event settings (see picture below). However, there's still something missing (maybe?).



      Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!



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          John Clark

          Hi Christina,


          After you sync your program with a webinar provider Marketo is able to push lead info to that provider once the lead is given a status of Registered in your program.  The info does not get pushed unless the status is set to Registered.


          Once the info is pushed, then Marketo is also able to get back information, which includes the link to be use when the {{member.webinar url}} token is used.  As long as the lead is a Registered member of your program, and the email is sent through a campaign or email program that is a child asset of your program, then the token will populate correctly.


          The attendee list can take up to two days after the webinar is finished to be pushed from the webinar provided back to Marketo.  Your question about how attendance is determined on the webinar side may be better posed to Webex, as Marketo is only able to display the attendance information sent back to the program through the sync with the webinar provider.



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            Bronwen Edwards

            Hi Christina


            1. It's pulling data from webex, so for that token to populate correctly you'll need:

            Webex integration setup

            Program connected to Webex Webinar (like in your screenshot above)

            Person receiving email must have a program status of Registered

            The email must be a real email (not a test) as they need to be registered so Marketo can pull the url from webex


            2. Also in the documentation linked below, it mentions the integration doesnt support sending the confirmation email out from webex. This might be why attendance isnt coming through? Otherwise you could try refreshing from Webinar Provider as below - it can take up to 48 hours for the data to come through.

            Create an Event with WebEx - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

            Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 9.00.19 am.pngCreate an Event with WebEx - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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              Lauren Beth

              Hi Christina - if you ever have any questions on the Webex/Marketo connection feel free to reach out.  We've been using Webex for ages and have gone through all the bugs and problems you can imagine.  Also, Webex support is very rarely if ever helpful with sorting these issues and we usually rely on Marketo support to help us. 

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