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Sending SFDC Account or Contact team members emails instead of sending to record owner

Question asked by 417ddf88463c1d6b943ebaa5d44017e981024164 on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Grégoire Michel

Hello, I know a similar question has been answered so I will elaborate on our use case.


Our Contacts are ALL owned by a dummy user (integration user) and Person Accounts are 70% owned by dummy users (these are Client records. 2 record types: Client and Prospect). The dummy users are used for Integrations to our master database.


That said, since none of our Contacts nor Person Accounts have an actual "real" user as the record owner, we would like to leverage the Contact Team and Account Team.


Here is one more thing. All our users are also created in Salesforce as Contact records. We have 2 records types: Employees (our users) and Standard (our clients)


I am running out of ideas as the business case is to send an email or alert to all users who are included on the Contact Team or Account Team. I read elsewhere that you can create a custom look-up field and workflow and such to possibly send an email alert to that particular user of the record (using Token)


Since we have all our users set up as Contact records and all of their email addresses are on the Email field on the record, could we build a Smart Campaign and do the following...


1. Smart List to pull list of only the employees (Contact records) information.

2. Call Campaign or Schedule Campaign (whatever program we are sending for either Contacts or Client Person Accounts)

3. Here is where I am a trigger where we use the Contact Team or Account team and reference the "email" field on the team member..

3. Send email alert to the users that are team members of the Contact of Person Account.


Something I may be missing, which could be confusing the folks here. So may be the Smart List should pull list of employees (again remember our employees are also created as Contact records) who are team members of Contacts or Person Accounts included in a program.


Any thoughts or ideas? I think the big challenge here is how can we send an email to multiple people. I think the token use case only really works if we are sending to one particular team member...