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Resending Emails based on "Resend Button" clicks

Question asked by 335fca40c61f2cd9fb9099643328d8544027e08c on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi All,


We send email account verification emails (with verification link) to each new user who register on our website.


This is what we do to send these emails :


(1) Every new user who register on our website gets stored in our Company database.

(2) We push this new user with attributes (Name, email, Profile verification Link, etc.) as JSON [key:value] response using Create/Update lead into Marketo creating a new lead record.

(3) In a smart campaign, setting Smart List Rule to "Lead Created" and Flow Rule to "Send Email" , we send this email to each new lead record that enters into Marketo database. We are using tokens in the email body to achieve customization.


Another related scenario where we are stuck is this:


Each user after registration, has access to "Resend Verification Email" button on our website page and every time he clicks on it; the same email (mentioned above) needs to be resent to that particular user who has clicked on the button, that many number of times.

The verification link generated is static/permanent for every user. Hence, the entire problem boils down to re-sending the same initial verification email that was sent out using the above mentioned Smart Campaign as many number of times, the "Resend Verification Email" button was clicked only for that particular user.


PS. - When the user clicks on the Resend button, by then he is already a lead record in the Marketo  leads database.


This is one of the primary scenarios that we encounter on a daily basis, repeated number of times and which is quite important to us; since according to company policies we cannot nurture/process the lead until the lead has clicked on the verification link present inside the verification email body specific (permanent) to each user.


How do you guys suggest I can achieve this ? I really need some serious help to get this done soon, given the importance of the issue. Kindly guide me through this.


Thanks a lot people for all the help !


-Prabash Rath