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    Create a report for new leads

    Jennifer Robison



      I would like to know how I can create a new report that will tell me how man new leads have been generated by all email campaigns/blasts in a given month. We charge our client per new lead generated so I need to be able to see this data summarized in a report and I'm not sure what the best practice is on a report of this type.


      I'd appreciate some hand holding on this one.



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          Trent Cross

          Jennifer - what is your definition of a 'new lead'?  Depending on what this entails will help to provide some recommendations on reports.  Marketo has several email and landind page reports that show the analytics of any given email sent out.  The same applies to landing page reports on who visited, completed a form, downloaded your asset, etc.  Likewise there are ways to use Smart Lists to segment the data based on different criteria to generate reports that you may need.

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              Jennifer Robison

              Thank you for responding Trent! For purposes of billing I pull a monthly report of leads created in that particular month for all campaigns so I don't want to do reports for each program I'm running just an all inclusive report that will give me leads created in a given month. At present I have to pull the entire list of leads and then I filter that for Web Service API leads only and what month I need them for. I'm still very new to the reporting and smart list metrics of Marketo.


              I appreciate the help.