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Using Filter & Trigger in Smart List

Question asked by Mikes Jones on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by Mikes Jones

Just wanted to confirm,


Is it okay to use a Filter & Trigger in a Smart List?


I'm setting up a new set of Lead Scoring currently, and for the current smart campaign I want:


Trigger - Fills Out Form - Form is Any

Filter - Member of SFDC Campaign is _______



Essentially, I want to be able to filter for anyone who fills out a form BUT is also a part of a specific SFDC campaign, since they will be receiving a different type of lead score, separate from the default Marketo scoring.




EDIT: I'm pretty sure this is okay, I just want to make sure Marketo takes both those requirements into consideration and not just one or the other.


EDIT 2: Also, kind of unrelated but .... can you score someone based on whether or not they click on a PDF link? I'm not sure since I know PDF don't hold Munchkin ID.


Thanks again.