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    Are you able to change the program status to "Registered" within a Go Live Deployment Event programme?

      Hi Guys, can someone help?


      I have set up a Go Live Deployment Event program and have sent out one email communication asking people to register for an event. The landing page I had to use to capture event registrations sits outside Marketo, so therefore these registrations are not automatically captured in Marketo. As such I need to manually change the status of 24 people within my program member list to reflect the fact that they have registered for my event.


      To do this I have created a smart cmapaign and within the smartlist section I have selected everyone who is a member of the program but with specific email addresses as a constraint - which I believe isolates the email addresses I have entered from the rest of program member list. Within the flow section I have then drag and ropped in "Change program Status" and the only options under new status that appear are "Member" and "Non-member". Am I not able to change the status to registered?


      I know that we have had the option to do this within webinar Event programs, have I set up the wrong type of event program? I have tried to change it, however I am unable to edit the Event programme channel now that members have been entered, and I am worried, given that I have already sent out one email and have captured email performance reporting, that if I were to delete the members and reload them in I would lose all my campaign data.


      Can someone help?