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    Tracking Direct Mail in Marketo?

      Hello! I am doing a direct mail marketing campaign and will NOT be engaging a launchpoint partner, nor is that an option.  I've designed a direct mail postcard and mailed it to 275 leads that are already in Marketo. I would like to track this activity in Marketo and have this activity be reflected as an interesting moment in the RCA opportunity influence analyzer. I have researched this on Marketo Community website but all of the responses suggest using a direct mail launchpoint partner.


      I am hoping other Marketo users have launched their own direct mail campaigns before (w/o engaging a launchpoint partner) and can share information/best practices on the best way to set this up in Marketo.  Any information is greatly appreciated!!

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          Jamie Lewis



          Multi-step process


          1)  Make a Direct Mail Channel tag if one does not already exist:  Admin>Tage>New>Channel>add direct mail

          2)  Make a program and assign it to the channel Direct Mail

          3)  Upload or otherwise add you recipient list to the Direct Mail Program

          4)  Create a campaign that adds all of the members to the interesting moment

          5)  You can use a webhook as well if you want to automate sending the lead information to your fulfillment software (if it exists)

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            Kelley Sandoval

            Other steps not mentioned above:

            1. Get a list of everyone delivered the mail and mark them as received (you can get this by doing a priority mail)

            2. Create a campaign flow for those who respond. (ie. fill out a form and/or land on the landing page) my includes an alert to the rep to follow up

            3. Make sure to track the ROI by adding your cost to the program level

            4. I have a follow up email to those who receive the direct mail a few days later then I have sales following up.




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              Ashley Simeone

              We are also doing a direct mail campaign in-house. Since your post was from several months ago, I was hoping you had some tips for me!


              I do have a channel and program set up, as well as campaigns to track people through the steps (including a PURL for the mailer, not one for each recipient - I still don't see how that is possible).


              One piece I am mulling over, our sales team wants to be able to request the direct mail piece be sent to leads they are working so I have set up a sales requested campaign. I'm thinking this campaign will add people to a list, which I will be subscribed to for a weekly delivery as a reminder to send any requested postcards. So the stage for people on the list will be Queued, and then I have a batch campaign to run every Friday to change people from Queued to Direct Mail Sent and adds an interesting moment for Sent VSP Postcard.


              This is the only way I could think to set it all up for the requested postcards, I'm open to suggestions on this or the entire Direct Mail program process!