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Tracking Direct Mail in Marketo?

Question asked by 3ab95af01aa9e94281119766dc23fead1057b994 on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by c18dbb9c89dfb5fb40a16876b85395e16ef1c93c

Hello! I am doing a direct mail marketing campaign and will NOT be engaging a launchpoint partner, nor is that an option.  I've designed a direct mail postcard and mailed it to 275 leads that are already in Marketo. I would like to track this activity in Marketo and have this activity be reflected as an interesting moment in the RCA opportunity influence analyzer. I have researched this on Marketo Community website but all of the responses suggest using a direct mail launchpoint partner.


I am hoping other Marketo users have launched their own direct mail campaigns before (w/o engaging a launchpoint partner) and can share information/best practices on the best way to set this up in Marketo.  Any information is greatly appreciated!!