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Marketo Hidden Form

Question asked by 335fca40c61f2cd9fb9099643328d8544027e08c on Nov 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by Jason Pike

Hi All,


I was trying to do something suggested in this :


So, I am trying to use this in one of our webpages which has input elements (textboxes) to take in Name, Email ID etc. I was curious, if creating an empty form and embedding its marketo based code inside the <body> of the webpage will do the trick ?

The webpage from which I want the data to be fetched into my marketo hidden form is :

The trick being to take in details like Name and Email ID from the webpage's textbox elements (by referring the elements' id) and subsequent pushing of these data as new lead records in the Marketo lead record database.


I made an empty form and inserted its code as directed in the docs :




If this is the correct approach, what should be the procedure after embedding the code so that I get the fetched data as a new lead record in Marketo's database ?


Thank You !