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    How Do I Enter Direct Mail Campaigns in Marketo?

      Is there a way to include a Direct Mail campaign in Marketo? I am doing a direct mail campaign where I will be mailing postcards to contacts who are already in Marketo and Salesforce. I'd like that effort to be visible when I run an opportunity influence analyzer report. Any suggestions?

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          Trent Cross

          Christina - are you looking to just track results or integrate your direct mail processes into Marketo? What is your approach to connect the response from the DM to specific contacts in Marketo?  Or is this what you are trying to accomplish?  I know there are a couple of third party applications that allow you to fully integrate the direct mail into Marketo (PFL and DirectMail manager are two that I am aware of). 


          I know a few more questions, but this may help others to chime in on what options may be available to help out.

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              Hi Trent,


              Thank you for your patience! I'm new to Marketo and very much in a learning curve right now.


              I've already designed a postcard and mailed it to 275 leads (see below). At the most basic level, I would at least like to reflect the fact that the lead has been mailed a postcard on the lead's record in Marketo and have it appear as an interesting moment when I run an opportunity influence analyzer report.


              In addition, the postcard has a link to a non-Marketo landing page http://www.celticbank.com/assistedliving . If the lead visits the landing page, I would like that to be another interesting moment. If the lead then fills out the form on the landing page in order to get access to the whitepaper, I would like that to be yet another interesting moment.


              I may be confusing interesting moments with program successes, but to me, every activity taken, whether by me or by the lead is an interesting moment, at least for now. Down the road, I'm sure that will change.


              Any suggestions you or anyone else in the SLC MUG can suggest would be greatly appreciated!!


              2015 Assisted Living Campaign Postcard 1.jpg

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                  Trent Cross

                  Christina - I was hoping that some others may jump in and provide insights for you.  Based on what you are trying to accomplish, this may end being a manual process via imports and updates to your Marketo lead dbase. 


                  To mark or indicate the 275 who received the postcard, you would have to create a field in Marketo, then do an import back into Marketo with the field indicated that the DM was sent to them. You will need to use the email addresses for the import as this is the unique identifier in Marketo for each record. That said, this would only allow you to run reports on who was sent the DM; it is not part of the lead history tracking; which may not feed into the 'interesting moments.'


                  Regarding the non-Marketo landing page, how are you able to track who visited the site? As this is not a Marketo LP, you may have to do the same process as for the DM above.


                  However, these are not really part of the 'lead history' like sending an email, visiting a MKTO landing page, etc. So as I mentioned, these may not be able to feed into the interesting moments.  I'm not as familiar in using these or exactly what feeds into them.