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    Building modular email templates with snippets

      Our central services provides a set of modular snippets (preheader, header, body, footer) for different mailing/engagement systems (html).


      I do not find a way in Marketo to build a basic skeleton where I can insert snippets which are editable. I tried the following approach:


      1. I created a basic html skeleton with html header (media queries etc) and body (with sections "add a headline" etc.) with name <html skeleton template>
      2. I created some snippets (span's with class mkteditable and ids), e.g. <headline>, <intro_text>
      3. I created an email and selected the template <html skeleton template>
      4. I tried to replace the default section "add a headline" (see 1) with a well defined and formatted snippet <headline> (see 2), then I wanted to edit the snippet text without any luck


      I assumed that the snippet inheritance will be cut automatically, but I learned that I have to insert the snippet in the email > go to the design studio > clone the snippet and modify the text from the snippet inserted in the email.


      Is there any other way of building modular templates?


      When I am able to change the snippet default text or image within the email directly, it would be a perfect approach, but switiching to the Design studio and cloning the snippet to me is not a good approach to scale Marketo up within the company with 50+ different persons creating emails.


      What is your approach?