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Can Smart Campaigns re-evaluate a lead repeatedly?

Question asked by 0405bc787dd2ba252a52ec595ea82079085ba7d1 on Oct 29, 2015
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I'm wondering whether it's possible to have a smart campaign in Marketo continously re-evaluate a lead against certain conditions for a period of time.


if is in a smart campaign and the smart campaign checks to see whether the lead has clicked on an email, then if has not clicked on the email, I would want the smart campaign to continuously check whether he has clicked on the email so that an action is committed - eg: notification email sent, as soon as he has clicked on email.

I know that you can re-run the campaign on a daily, weekly basis but i'm looking to continously recheck for a condition.

If this is not possible through smart campaigns, is there any other way to do this in marketo?