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    Can't Link Directly to Homepage via Marketo Emails

    Malik Zafar

      Hey Guys, having a little bit of a weird issue.


      Whenever I send out an email and include a link to our direct homepage, the link does not work. However, if I include a link to a page on our website, it works correctly.


      Example: http://www.ourpage.com/home/tabid/233/language/en-us/mkt_tok=3rkmmjwwff9wsroksq/lzkxonjhpfsx66+wkwkk3lmi/0er3fovrpu…

      - this is how the homepage URL ends up rendering, for some reason the "tabid" is added after "/home" as well as "language", etc. Basically, it's adding a bunch of extra stuff before the mkt_tok, which is odd.


      This is an example of what a proper link looks like (if we link to any page but our homepage): http://www.ourpage.com/contact-us?mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRoksq%2FLZKXonjHpfsX66%2BwkWKK3lMI%2F0ER3fOvrPUfGjI4CScpmI%2BSLDwEYGJlv6SgFTrDEMaJ137gKUxQ%3D 



      Anyone know why the homepage URL is being rendered differently, causing the link to be broken? These are just example URLs by the way.