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Lead Sourcing: Best Practices? 

Question asked by 212062e915b58b45b53fcd8d5471b159aa9940d3 on Oct 28, 2015
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New Marketo User here with a limited knowledge of email marketing.


  • Does Marketo have a recommended "best practice" for assigning a Lead Source:
    • First Source or Multi-Source?
    • How many fields?  We are currently using 1 pick list field for broad Lead Category (similar to Channel) and one text field for specific content type? 
  • Where are all the places we need to embed code so we can design Smart Campaigns that "listen" and assign them to a Lead Source?
    • Link on Marketo Landing Page
    • Munchkin code on web pages?
  • Should we be creating a listening "Smart Campaign" for behaviors related to each asset where we want to track data?  Are there product documents that show how to do this?


I'm honestly not sure I'm even using the right language here.  I'm unfamiliar with the more technical aspects of how code is used to track Lead behavior - so any basic references on that would also be appreciated.


Thanks for help with any and all questions.  If this Discussion is a duplicate, just let me know.


Shannon Luckert

Calabrio, Inc.