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SFDC Lead/Contact Information Sync

Question asked by 285e232908281f14713b7800120057199c286071 on Oct 27, 2015

Hi there,


I'm sure this is a very common question.


For example -


Assume I have a Tradeshow Campaign in Marketo synced with SFDC. 

My rep comes back with the lead list and there's only names and companies.  No job titles, phone numbers, or email addresses.


I'm accustomed to being instructed to find the missing data in SFDC, entering the data in the list, then uploading the list.


However, Is there a batch/processor that we can run that will sync the contact/lead information from SFDC to Marketo?


I don't want any information changed - I don't want to update their status, or their campaign, or their activity, or their actions...not lead, not contact, not campaign, not status, nothing.  I ONLY want to extract the contacts' information into a spreadsheet so it reduces my manual data entry and searching.


I can't answer any other questions regarding if they're leads, or contacts, or opportunities, etc.  Maybe they're not even IN SFDC!  But if I have a list of 100 leads, I really really really don't want to spend my time going one-by-one to update lead information, just to upload it into a campaign and have the information automatically sync anyways.


Any and all help is appreciated!


Thank you!!!