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    Using 'Clicks Link in Email' Trigger.

      Hi All,


      We here have a scenario wherein after a new visitor registers on our website, we send him two emails.

      Email 1 has the emailID account verification link. The user's account after clicking on this link gets verified and then the user receives another email (Email 2) , congratulating him/her on being added as a member onto our website.


      I have set two smart campaigns for achieving this.


      Verification Campaign (Campaign 1) :


      Smart List Rule - Lead is Created At Trigger ( set to on or after a particular date )

      Flow Rule - Send 'Account Verify' email (Email1) with the link to be clicked. The link is inserted into the email body as a token from the lead record database as its different for every new user.


      Congratulating Campaign  (Campaign 2) :


      Smart List Rule - Clicks link in email Trigger ( Email is 'Account Verify' email )

      Flow Rule - Send 'Congratulations' email (Email2).


      I have activated both the campaigns.

      Every new test user receives the email from the first campaign whose results (in Verification Campaign) reflect , i.e., email sent, delivered and opened. However, there are no results being reflected in the Congratulating Campaign, as in the trigger 'Clicks Link in Email' doesnt seem to be captured as an activity by Marketo and hence the Email 2 is not being received.


      How do you guys suggest I should go about achieving this ? Where am I doing wrong, that I am not able to see the desired results ?


      Kindly suggest.



      Thanks a lot !


      Prabash Rath.