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Equinix wants to use rest API to send leads. Need some help related to the same.

Question asked by 8462864abadd64e9c0da5a49b9d657aaa8689fb2 on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by Jamie Lewis

I went through their API documentation at It would be helpful if Marketo team can help us to identify where to look what.


We need below information from Marketo technical team.


  1. Which REST API to call to insert Lead from Marketplace into Marketo. Today we call synchLead which is a SOAP API.
  2. What is the endpoint for REST API sandbox and REST API Production for Marketplace to Marketo Integration?
  3. I see the API Get Lead by Id only returns: email, updatedAt, createdAt, lastName, firstName, and id. I did not see any API that will return the below ones. Can we get information on this?
    1. First-name
    2. Last-name
    3. Company Name (as entered by user)
    4. Company, Preferred Name (as Equinix knows it)
    5. Job Title
    6. Country
    7. Email address
    8. Phone number
    9. SFDC Parent Account ID
    10. SFDC Child Account ID
    11. SFDC Account Type (Customer, Prospect, Alumni, etc.)
    12. SFDC Parent Account’s Account Manager Name
    13. SFDC Parent Account’s Account Manager Email
    14. SFDC Parent Account Region
  • SFDC Lead Status (Nurture/Recycle, Suspect, MQL, etc.)
  1. LEAD ID
  2. Lead Owner-ODT*