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Fields not being updated through the marketo SOAP API

Question asked by 26915726df56c86d9ea99078a03956a21a4170a1 on Oct 26, 2015
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I am using the suds_marketo python SOAP API to sync marketo leads.  In my test case I am attempting to sync a single field called confluence_expertName.  When I sync the lead, I receive a response that the lead was updated correctly:


>>> client.sync_lead('', (('confluence_expertName', 'string', 'Pix Software GmbH'),) )


   leadId = 67xxxxx

   syncStatus =


         leadId = 67xxxxx

         status = "UPDATED"

         error = None


   leadRecord = None



However, when I look at the record in Marketo, it remains unchanged.


Is there a reason that a field would not be updated, even though marketo API reports that the field has been updated.